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Before Intravenous Anesthesia/Sedation:

Food or any liquids containing food: (particulates, pulp, or milk): None for at least 8 (eight) hours before the appointment. This includes chewing tobacco and gum.

Clear liquids: (water, sports drinks, black tea/coffee): None for at least 2 (two) hours before appointment.

Medications: You may drink sips of water to take medications up until the time of procedure. Check with staff for instruction on taking any routine medications.

Smoking: No smoking on the day of the procedure. Failure to do so will result in rescheduling to another day. Cut back on smoking starting now.

Transportation: A responsible adult must accompany the patient to the office. The vehicle and driver must remain at the office for the entire procedure and drive the patient home. Leaving can cause the procedure to be canceled or rescheduled. A fee of $49.00 every 15 minutes can be applied if the car or driver fails to remain. The patient should not operate a vehicle or machinery for 24 hours following the anesthesia.

Attire: Wear loose fitting clothes with short sleeves and low-heeled, secure shoes (No flip-flops). Avoid excessive makeup and contact lenses.

Change in health: Please notify the office (881-4546) if you develop an illness such as a stuffy nose, sore throat, fever or stomach/bowel upset to determine if the procedure needs to be postponed.

Attention: Failure to follow all of these instructions may require the rescheduling of your anesthesia to another day!



(This same information applies in general to Crest ProHealth Oral rinse)

The use of CHG for oral decontamination follows decades of use of this product by dentists in patients with gingivitis and periodontitis.

CHG is deactivated by anionic compounds, including the anionic surfactants commonly used as detergents in toothpastes and mouthwashes. For this reason, CHG mouth rinses should be used at least 30 minutes after other dental products. For best effectiveness, food, drink, smoking, and mouth rinses should be avoided for at least 1 hour after oral CHG use.

The most common unwanted effect of using oral chlorhexidine is staining of the teeth. A yellow-brown stain, similar to what occurs with excessive coffee or tobacco use, occurs in about half of patients exposed to the oral solution. However, the staining is highly variable among individuals, and the cause is not known with certainty. Patients should be advised that this staining is a normal cosmetic and temporary effect. The stain can be removed with standard professional dental cleaning.

Some patients complain that the use of CHG rinse makes food taste metallic. The alteration in taste should disappear when the oral rinse is discontinued. Clinicians may want to emphasize that use of CHG as a mouthwash without scrubbing or brushing the teeth has minimal impact on the biofilm on teeth. If used with brushing, it removes the biofilm on teeth and reduces oral infection.


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