You may use these forms for a faster check-in process before your first appointment. If you have already filled out these forms with our office, however, there is no need to fill them out a second time, provided that you have visited our office within the past year.

Please click on the following two links to download the files, then print and fill out the forms. Don’t forget to bring your filled-out copy of both forms with you when you visit our office for your appointment. Please be aware if you initiate any email correspondence to us containing personal information without using an encryption service, your personal information may be at risk. Therefore, you may want to make your initial email to us as inquiry only, in which case we will respond to you with our encrypted email, allowing you to then safely send your personal information via our encryption service.

If you wish to be considered  for same day exam/procedure with sedation, please print, fill out these forms and bring by the office prior to scheduling for pre-approval by the Doctor.

Health History & Financial Agreement

Billing & Insurance + HIPAA Authorization