1.  Oral Surgery of Springfield offers the benefits of  eleven years of post-college training,  teaching experience as an Associate Professor at Emory University and continuous oral-maxillofacial surgery clinical experience right here in Springfield since 1998, all  concentrated in a single doctor.

2.  You will be attended to by a highly trained, courteous​ staff who  enjoy their work.  

3.  You will benefit from appropriate use of technology.  This includes electronic medical records, Criticare brand vital signs monitors, Tuttnauer large-capacity automatic sterilizers and low-dose digital radiographic imaging with three-dimensional capability.

4.  We offer nitrous oxide ("laughing gas") sedation as well as intravenous sedation when patients desire more than just local anesthetic.

5. We are happy to coordinate care with your restorative/general dentist for dental implant tooth-replacement options using either the Straumann  or the Astra Tech dental implant systems. ​

6. With our dedicated pediatric suite, Oral Surgery of Springfield is well suited to treat children.  Dr. Cornella has completed specialized training and is certified in PALS as well as ACLS.

7. ​With a  clean, comfortable, coffee-house-feel waiting area complete with free Wi-fi, streaming Pandora music, an extensive library of coffee-table books and complimentary hot beverages, you will not feel like  you are waiting for the next Greyhound bus to depart. 

8. Dr. Cornella's mission is to serve the entire community, not  just those who have become his patients of record.  He considers it not only an obligation, but a privilege to respond to after-hours calls even from people who have never visited his office.

9.  Not a dime of your healthcare dollar will go to pay for a television, radio, billboard or magazine advertisement.

10. Oral Surgery of Springfield treats individuals of all orientations equally.  We would be honored to provide your dental implant tooth replacement in time for a dazzling wedding photo smile.

11. You will not be exposed to any of those stock photos of smiling people on our website, though you may feel like one of them after visiting our office.